Collections & Deposits

Remote Deposit Capture

This service lets you deposit checks directly from your business whether the bank is open or not. Simply scan checks from your desk. Embedded software will automatically record and balance the transaction. The automated system reduces errors, helps prevent fraud, and makes funds available faster.

  • Make deposits even when bank is closed
  • Reduce trips to the bank and errors in accounting
  • Enhanced security and fraud protection
  • Payments are processed faster
  • Automated transaction validation and balancing


With this service, incoming mail receipts are deposited direct to your account, replacing the need to process incoming mail as well to deliver the deposit. Lockbox service also receives deposits throughout the day, as opposed to a once a day postal delivery.

  • Maximize availability of funds
  • Reduce clerical time and effort
  • Expedite movement of your mail
  • Eliminate delayed deposits
  • Provides timely deposit information


Electronic Collection Service (ACH Origination)

  • Allows your company to collect payments electronically
  • Payments are transferred electronically from customer’s account to yours
  • Convenience feature for customers
  • Funds are available in your account faster
  • Saves time and money on accounts receivable

Electronic Disbursement Service (ACH Disbursement)

  • Allows your company to make payments electronically
  • Allows direct deposit of payroll, depositing employee paychecks direct to their bank account
  • Saves time and money in accounts payable and payroll
  • Eliminates waste and expense of paper paychecks

Merchant Card Services

Increase your sales while providing maximum convenience to your customers. We can set your business up to accept all major credit cards as well as debit and gift cards. We can tailor an affordable program that matches your business and sales volume. Ask your business banker about this valuable service today.

  • Give customers the convenience of more payment options
  • Processing of all major credit cards
  • Processing of debit cards and gift cards
  • Competitive rates
  • Equipment and support provided

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