Estates and Probate

Estates and Probate

Of all the services and benefits we provide, we believe peace of mind is the most important. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We know finding someone to trust with your estate isn't an easy decision. At Triumph Community Bank, we work extra hard to alleviate your worries.

As executor of your will, we can assure that your estate will be settled according to your wishes. We will simplify the situation for your loved ones, making sure all final bills are paid and all assets are protected and accounted for.

In the event someone else has been named executor under a will, we are able to act as agent for the executor to undertake agreed upon functions.


"My sister and I have been so grateful and happy for Triumph Community Bank staff, particularly the Trust Department. Their willingness to go more than the extra mile has been in dispensable in our situation with an ailing grandparent. Their connections and ties to the community enabled them to settle some complicated situations for us, since we do not live in the area. I cannot express what a difference their help has made in making a difficult situation much easier. Thanks so much!"

— Renee from Moline, IL

"'Thank you' is not enough to say. We all appreciate your efforts to make this trust work smoothly and efficiently. We are grateful for all your time and travel, and attending the funeral was like having you as family."

— Dana from Davenport, IA

"Thank you so much for taking time to answer all of our questions. We are so pleased that you offer this service. Having elderly parents so far away is difficult, and your handling of their finances was a huge help to us."

— Carol from Arizona

To contact the Trust and Investment Services Department, call (309) 743-7856.

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