Alert Messaging

Alert Messaging

Just when you thought online banking at Triumph Community Bank couldn't get any better, we surprise you again with even cooler services! Alert Messaging is here and ready to keep you in the know.

With this new mind blowing FREE service you can create email alerts on your accounts for a plethora of banking activities.


Create email alerts on your accounts using Online Banking for:

  • A specific check number clearing
  • Any debits posting to checking
  • Daily checking balance
  • Deposits to checking accounts
  • Low balance notices for checking or savings
  • Loan payments posted to your loan

How to get started:

Using Online Banking, you can set up, change and remove alert messages at your convenience to manage your accounts in 6 easy steps.

Log into the website at and use the links under the Messages bar.

  • Click on New to set up a message.
  • Choose the desired message from the drop down list and click on next.
  • Choose the account number you'd like to receive messages on.
  • Enter the dollar amount level you'd like alerts to be generated at (if applicable).
  • Verify your email address.
  • Submit.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact your local Triumph Community Bank office.


I don't use Online Banking; can I still get email alerts on my accounts?

  • Yes. You don't have to use online banking to set the alerts up, a Personal Banker or any member of our retail team can help you with that.

Who does the email come from?

  • InternetCustomerService@TriumphCommunityBank
  • Please do not reply to this email address; it is for outgoing messages only and does not allow incoming emails.

Do I need a special password to view the emails?

  • No. The email alerts are computer generated by the information you enter so they are delivered directly to your secure email.

Will my personal information be emailed?

  • No. Your account numbers will be masked so you will only see the last 4 digits of your account and the only other information you will see is dollar amounts, dates and check numbers.

Can I get directly to the website from the email message?

  • No. The messages are only alerts that you have chosen, there are no links to the website.

Is there a fee?

  • No. This is another free service we are passing along to you as a valued customer.

Can I set up more than 1 message on an account?

  • Yes. You can set up as many messages as you'd like on your account but they will each come in a separate email.

Can I set up messages on several accounts?

  • Absolutely! We want you to be able to use the messages to manage your accounts your own way.

How will I know if a message is set up?

  • You will get a confirmation page initially when a new alert is set up. After that you can click on Alert Messaging to view all messages you have set up.

I don't see a message that I want to use.

  • Please call or email us at Triumph Community Bank and we will review your requests.

Can we have the messages sent by text?

  • Not yet. We are currently looking into this feature and when it becomes available you will automatically be able to use it.

What messages can I choose from?

There are several available now and updates will automatically be added, so keep watching for more to come!

  • Check Cleared provides notification of a specific check # clearing the account only when it has posted.
  • Check(s) Posted provides a daily list of all items (checks, automatic payments and withdrawals) clearing the account on the most recent business day.
  • Checking Balance Notice provides a daily balance notice.
  • Checking Deposit Notice provides notice only when a deposit is posting.
  • Checking Low Balance Notice provides notice only when the account balance meets or falls below a $ level you enter.
  • Loan Payment Posted provides a notice only when a payment has posted to a loan.
  • Savings Low Balance Notice provides notice only when the account balance meets or falls below a $ level you enter.

Daily checks posted and daily checking balance notifications are sent once daily in the morning. Balances sent will reflect "Business Day" transactions that have posted to the accounts. (Any items clearing today will report in a notice tomorrow morning). Deposits will send an alert within 2 hours after posting.