Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Triumph Community Bank has your back...and has your back, and has your back with three methods of overdraft protection. We realize everyone makes honest mistakes—there's no need to punish you for it.

Our Express Line is a pre-approved line of credit dedicated to protect you against overdrafts. If you have a savings account with Triumph Community Bank, you can use those funds as coverage. If these methods are not set up, we can cover the payment for you.

  • Debit card transactions and ATM transactions require our customers to opt-in to be covered
  • A fee of $31 will be charged for each authorized overdraft item
  • Ensures ability to make needed purchases
  • Alternatively, you may choose savings account or Express Line to cover overdrafts

OPT-IN REQUIRED: Even if you were accustomed to automatic overdraft protection on debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals, new federal regulations require you to opt-in on existing accounts by August 15, 2010, to continue such coverage.

Express Line

For many customers, our Express Line may save more money while providing peace of mind. Once you are approved, the line of credit is automatically accessed when you overdraw on your account. You are notified when this happens so you can pay back the loan.

  • $15 annual fee
  • $5 fee per transfer
  • Only pay interest if it is used
  • If overdraft exceeds amount of Express Line, standard overdraft protection applies

If you have a savings account with Triumph Community Bank, the easiest way to cover overdrafts could be to link your savings account to cover them.

  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • $5 overdraft protection fee per transfer
  • Covered up to the balance amount in your savings account
  • If overdraft exceeds amount of your balance, standard overdraft protection applies