Cash Management

Cash Management

Time is money. Save a lot of both with our powerful suite of online cash management tools. Business Banker transforms your business computer into a full-fledged Triumph Community Bank branch.

In addition to standard online banking, you can initiate and receive ACH transfers (including payroll), stop payments, initiate domestic and international wire transfers, make loan payments, and more. You and your designated staff have 24/7 access in a completely secure environment.

  • Streamline financial management
  • Funds transfers, real-time balances, account histories
  • ACH transfers
  • Make and receive electronic payments
  • ACH direct deposit of employee payroll
  • Stop payments
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Loan payment capabilities
  • Establish unique controls for different employees
  • Positive Pay
Pricing Modules

Our Business Banker cash management suite has a reasonable pricing structure based on the needs of your business.

Business Banker - Limited

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee $0 per month
  • Stop Payment $31 per item

Business Banker - Full Access

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee $25 per month
  • Wire Transfer Module $25 per month
  • Outgoing Online Wire Transfer $10 per transfer
  • Outgoing Online International Wire $50 per transfer
  • ACH Module $25 per month
  • ACH File Fee $2 per file
  • Positive Pay $25 per month
  • Stop Payment: $31 per item

All fees are subject to change.